Gender Equity Initiatives


The University is committed to increasing access to gender-inclusive restrooms, and being responsive to transgender individuals by ensuring access to facilities that is consisent with how the individual identifies themselves in terms of gender. Individuals who self-identify as female may use bathrooms designated for women; individuals who self-identify as male may use bathrooms designated for men. In collaboration, the Offices of the Dean of Students and Capital Planning, Design & Construction are in the process of assessing the need for and feasibility of adding gender-inclusive restrooms campus-wide.

We currently provide single-occupancy gender-inclusive restrooms across campus in Humanities, Burk, Student Health Center, Fine Arts, Creative Arts, Cesar Chavez Student Center, Library, Business, and the Gym.  These are listed at and indicated on the campus map at lobby restrooms in Mary Ward Hall and Mary Park Hall are also gender inclusive.  

In addition, there are three single-occupancy gender-inclusive restrooms planned for the new Recreation Wellness Center.  New construction, as in the case of the Recreation Wellness Center, or a major renovation like the Library, allows for the integration of single-occupancy gender-inclusive restrooms.

Retrofits, on the other hand, pose a considerable challenge: they are limited by proximity to existing plumbing, require the availability of appropriately sized space, and can be prohibitive to construct. On the main campus, we have made almost all single-occupancy men’s or women’s rooms gender inclusive. On the ground floor of Humanities, in the next couple of weeks, we will be converting what is now a single-occupancy women’s restroom to gender inclusive.

Regarding the Downtown Center, there are two single-occupancy gender-inclusive restrooms on the 6th floor in the 600 suite that the College of Business occupies. They are not in the public space, but are available to students, staff, and faculty of SF State. The restrooms on the 5th floor are under the jurisdiction of the building owner. We certainly understand the difficulty of having to go up a floor to use the restroom; at this point, however, particularly given that the Downtown Center is leased space, we are unable to make modifications to the 5th floor.

We recognize that there is still progress to be made.  As we move forward with the assessment of the main campus and auxiliary locations, we invite you to work alongside us as we identify future locations for gender inclusive restrooms.  Comments, suggestions and feedback can be sent to  This site will be continually updated to reflect changes and improvements.

Current through September 9, 2014


Pregnant and Parenting Student Rights FAQ

Supporting the Academic Success of Pregnant & Parenting Students (US Department of Education)

Lactation Rooms for Nursing Mothers

Lactation rooms for nursing mothers can be found in the following areas:

1. Library - Room 267

2. Science- Room 379

3. Children's Campus - Multi-Purpose Room 

See Map

The rooms provide comfortable seating for a quiet place to express milk. Staff/Faculty nursing mothers can register to use a Lactation Room by contacting Dao Van in the Safety & Risk Unit in Human Resources at, or (415) 405-3661.

Student nursing mothers can register to use a Lactation Room by contacting (415) 338-3888 or