Sexual Violence Prevention Training FAQ


Why is this annual training required?

Per Executive Order 1095, all SF State employees are institutional officers, and required to complete this training on an annual basis. This training is intended to increase your awareness of the identification and prevention of sexual misconduct, dating and domestic violence, stalking, discrimination, harassment, and retaliation.


Who is required to complete this annual training?

Sexual violence awareness and prevention training is required of all employees, including student employees, consultants, and employees in the Faculty Early Retirement Program, on an annual basis. This training is separate from training required of supervisors under AB1825.


How do I access the annual training?

This address ( will take you to a global login site to access SkillPort. SkillPort is used to access all required SF State online training, and a multitude of other online resources. Once you login using your SFSU credentials, you will want to click "View My Plan" from the menu at the top of your home screen. Then, you will want to select EDU: Eliminate Campus Sexual Misconduct to begin the training.

When is the annual training due?

For existing employees, the training will populate in your training profile on October 30th of every year. It is due on January 1st.


Do I have to complete the annual training while on professional leave?

Please disregard these training notifications while you are on leave. Upon your return, you’ll be required to complete the training to fulfill your annual requirement.

Employees on sabbatical are still required to complete the training.


I was recently hired in the fall semester before 10/30, and completed the training before 10/30. Do I have to complete the training again after 10/30?

If you were hired before 10/30 and completed the training before 10/30, you will satisfy the training requirement for that year. Completing the training assigned on 10/30 will satisfy the training requirement for the following year.


Why am I receiving overdue notices, if I am no longer employed by SF State?

You are receiving training notifications due to having an “active” account in PeopleSoft. When your status is made “inactive,” you will stop receiving training notifications. To inactivate your account, please contact Ask HR at



Where can I go for troubleshooting assistance?

You can find a Skillport Training Guide here ( for troubleshooting. The webpage also contains information on how to submit a service request should you continue to have difficulties accessing the training after following the troubleshooting steps.


When I select the link I get the following code: Server Error ‘/’ Application.

Please contact campus IT to test your user credentials. You can submit a service request ticket here:



Am I excused from this training, if I completed a similar training this year at another institution?

The training is designed to promote awareness of CSU policies, and includes an acknowledgement slide to that effect. Unfortunately, the training completed at a non-CSU institution does not satisfy the annual CSU requirement.


How do I acknowledge the company policy? 

The acknowledgement form is displayed after clicking on the hyperlink to read and acknowledge the policy. After acknowledging the policy and completing the remaining pages the status button on the left-hand side will change from a half-green circle to a full green circle, indicating that the training is complete.


Do I need to submit a certificate of completion?

Thank you for completing the training. It’s not necessary to forward a certificate of completion. No further action is required.