Preferred/Chosen Name

For Students

SF State’s Academic Senate passed a resolution in September 2016 supporting the use of preferred/chosen name. Preferred/chosen name is an option in Campus Solutions (CS) that is available to students via the Student Center. Most CSUs and many other campuses are using preferred name at the request of students who have reason to use a preferred/chosen name rather than a primary (legal) name in the classroom and other areas of the university.

Preferred/chosen name will show on the Student Center, the Advisor Center, the Faculty Center including Class and Grade rosters, iLearn, Student Health Services, and Housing offices. Preferred/chosen name can also be used on the OneCard Gator Pass.

Changing or adding a preferred/chosen name does not change a student’s primary/legal name. To change primary/legal name, students must complete the Name Change Request form and submit, with verification (Driver's License, California ID, passport, court documents), to the Registrar's Office (One Stop, Student Services Building). Student employees must contact Human Resources directly to have their HR record updated (ADM 252).

Instructions for updating your name on the Student Center

  1. Login to the Student Center
  2. Navigate to the Personal Information section (bottom of Student Center)
  3. Click the Names link
  4. If a preferred name exists, select Edit, otherwise select Add a New Name
  5. Select Preferred from the pull-down
  6. Edit the First and Last name fields (and any optional fields desired)
  7. Enter an effective date
  8. Click Save and Return to Current Name

For assistance, please contact the Registrar's Office at 415-338-2350 or by visiting SSB 303.

For Employees

At this time, preferred names will appear on the university directory, class and grade rosters, and the iLearn system. Going forward, the University will attempt to display Preferred Names to the University community wherever feasible and appropriate, and will make a good faith effort to update reports, documents, and systems that are designated to use Preferred Names.

CSU and San Francisco State University staff with an administrative need (e.g. Human Resources, University Police Department, Environmental, Health, & Safety, and Student Health Services) will see both legal and preferred names. Similar to those with access to employment, benefits, and other sensitive information, these staff are trained on the implications of this access.

Instructions for updating your name on Gateway

  1. Navigate and log in to SF State Gateway
  2. Click on Employee services
  3. Click on the Launch HR Self Service button
  4. Navigate to My personal information and select Names
  5. Click the Add a new name button
  6. Select Preferred from the drop down menu and fill in how you would like your name to appear
  7. Click the Save button

Click here to learn more about the San Francisco State University Preferred Name Practice Directive.

For assistance, please contact the Human Resources Office at 415-338-1872 or by visiting ADM 252.