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CSU Sexual Misconduct Program

This course provides practical training for identifying and reporting campus sexual misconduct, as well as assisting victims of sexual misconduct. Interactive case studies and videos provide engaging educational content that explains how to respond to known or suspected sexual misconduct, dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking. Examples are based on real cases that teach important concepts to build a safe campus community and create a culture that does not tolerate sexual misconduct. The course teaches employees valuable skills for assisting victims and survivors of sexual violence and reporting sexual misconduct.

All SF State employees are required to complete this training on an annual basis. New employees should complete the online compliance course no later than 30 days after their first day of work. Employees should work with their supervisor to schedule time to complete the online training. The training is timed for approximately 30 to 45 minutes. You may take this training in one sitting or stop and save as you go.

Notifications with a link to complete the required compliance course will be automatically emailed to you 30 days before the due date. Login (CSU Learn); click on the Assigned Learning panel; click on the word "REGISTER;" and, you'll be able to begin the training in a second window.

Once you complete the training, it is not necessary to forward your certificate of completion. No further action is necessary.

SF State provides accommodations for disability and religious reasons, and for individuals who have experienced sexual misconduct. To request an accommodation, please email equityprograms@sfsu.edu.

Frequently Encountered Issues

If you are on professional leave, please disregard these training notices. Upon your return, you’ll be required to complete the training to fulfill your annual requirement. However, faculty and staff on sabbatical are still required to complete the training.

If you are receive an "Error while processing tokens. Please contact your system administrator" message, please contact your supervisor. Your department will need to send Human Resources an updated ETRAC regarding your employment expiration date in order for you to have access to the training. Otherwise, please try accessing the course through the training link found atop this page. Sometimes the link embedded in the notification letter will prompt the error message.

If you have already completed the Discrimination & Sexual Harassment Prevention training for Supervisors/Non-Supervisors, you still need to complete the separate and mandatory Sexual Misconduct Prevention Program training.

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